Hardwood Flooring Is An Investment

Hardwood Flooring Is An Investment


“I think carpet has lost its momentum; demand for hardwood is pretty high,” said Al
Vandersteen, owner at Craig’s Custom Hardwood. “You don’t hear people say ‘Wow, I love your carpet!’ Craig’s makes an impact.”

While the actual value of hardwood floors is “in the eye of the beholder”, it can give homes an edge over the competition: A survey of real estate agents across the U.S. showed that a vast majority (more than 80%) feel a home with hardwood floors will likely sell faster and at a higher price than one without.

“The value is probably driven by the popularity,” Vandersteen explained. “If someone goes into a house and sees dirty old carpet, they know it’s something they’ll have to replace. Having hardwood already installed helps buyers skip that step, and the home shows better.”

Over the years, Vandersteen has seen some pretty awful old carpet. “I’ve seen enough carpet removals to know what sinks into it,” he said. “Especially when someone has pets, it can be pretty gross.”


With hardwood floors, what you see is what you get. That’s why they’re recommended for people with allergies; things like dust mites and other allergens have nowhere to hide.

Keeping hardwood clean is a low-effort commitment. It’s easy to maintain: “You need to dust it, and quickly wipe up spills to keep it clean. But it’s pretty low maintenance.”

Compared to other cleaning-friendly options like tile and linoleum, quality hardwood will outlast these other options; It’s an upgrade that keeps going and going.

“If you install something cheap it will only last for a few years,” Al noted “Even cheaper hardwood doesn’t have the same lifespan; if it only has a few coats of varnish, you’ll need to refinish it when the varnish wears through, which means moving out of your house while they put chemicals on it. Good quality hardwood can last forever, really.”


Kitchens and bathrooms are consistently listed as renovations that can add solid value to your home. However, over the years these rooms require regular maintenance to keep their good looks and there’s always the risk that trendier upgrades will go out of style.

That’s not the case with hardwood, which offers classic style that you can always complement with design elements like rugs.

When you’re trying to keep renovation costs in check, there are also ways to customize your hardwood floor to fit your budget.

“The wider the board, the more expensive it is,”  “People might choose a four-inch board in main areas, but two-and-a-quarter inch in the bedroom where it will be covered up. Or they might use a more expensive wood like hickory in main rooms, and oak or something more affordable in other areas.

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